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LiquiCaps Rapid Relief

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About the product

Pepto Bismol is formulated to coat your upset stomach, calm heartburn & nausea and relieve indigestion & diarrhea. Pepto Bismol LiquiCaps provide rapid relief that’s equally as effective as Pepto Bismol liquid. These convenient LiquiCaps allow you to take Pepto Bismol on-the-go so you can take it anywhere — at work, home, or travel worry-free. Take Pepto Bismol at the first sign so you’re back to your normal fast.


  • FAST RELIEF. Same relief as Pepto Bismol liquid

  • CONVENIENT. Individually packed pills for on-the-go

  • CALMS AND SOOTHES. Coating action calms your stomach & soothes your digestive tract


  • MULTI-SYMPTOM DIGESTIVE RELIEF. Upset stomach relief, indigestion relief, nausea relief, heartburn
    relief, diarrhea relief, and travelers’ diarrhea relief

*Based on Pharmacy Times 2018 Survey-upset stomach remedies category.

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