How to Take Pepto Bismol

Pepto Bismol was first created over 100 years ago and has been known ever since as the most trusted brand for upset stomachs. In the last century, Pepto Bismol has provided fast and effective relief from nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and diarrhea for you, your parents, and maybe even your grandparents. You probably know the original Pepto Bismol pink liquid but, in its lifetime, Pepto Bismol has expanded its offering to provide even more products like chewables, caplets, liquicaps, and chews! We’ve even launched a single symptom line, Pepto Diarrhea, to treat diarrhea at its source. While all forms of Pepto Bismol provide effective relief from your upset stomach symptoms, no matter which Pepto Bismol you choose, it’s important to read the labels on each package for proper dosage instructions.

Keep reading to learn how to take different forms of Pepto Bismol

No matter which tummy trouble you’re experiencing, you should take 1 dose of Pepto Bismol every half hour to hour until you feel better, but do not take more than 8 doses in a 24-hour period. Dosing varies by Pepto Bismol formula and form, so we’ll break down what 1 dose means for each product.

Pepto Bismol Liquids

Before you take Pepto Bismol Liquids, shake the bottle. Then fill the dosing cup provided on the cap, fill it to the top, and drink up. One dose cup of Pepto Bismol liquids equals one dose. Just in case that dose cup goes missing, we’ll also break down how many mL of each Pepto formula equals 1 dose.

- Original Strength Liquid : 30 mL equals 1 dose.

- Ultra-Strength Liquid: 15 mL equals 1 dose.

Pepto Diarrhea Liquid: 10 mL equals 1 dose.

Tip: Pepto Bismol liquids do not need to be refrigerated, but some say it tastes better when cold. Pepto Bismol is just as effective when stored at room temperature or in the fridge—so the choice is up to you!

Pepto Bismol Chews

Pepto Bismol Chews provide the same fast relief as the liquid in a delightful, great-tasting chew! Two chews equal one dose, so be sure you don’t take more than 16 chews in 24 hours. Pro tip: Keep  Pepto Bismol Chews in your purse or at your desk so you’re always covered.

Pepto Bismol LiquiCaps™

Some people don’t like their medicine to taste like anything. But when nausea, diarrhea, or another unpleasant stomach trouble hits, you want fast, trusted relief from Pepto Bismol. Two Pepto Bismol LiquiCaps™ equals one dose. Two Pepto Diarrhea LiquiCaps™ also equals one dose.

Pepto Bismol also comes in Caplets (2 caplets equals one dose) and Chewables (2 chewables equals 1 dose). For Pepto Bismol Ultra Caplets, 1 caplet equals 1 dose.

All these forms of Pepto Bismol are equally effective and use the same active ingredient, bismuth subsalicylate. Follow the directions and, if you have any questions, contact your healthcare provider.

Pepto Bismol Kids

Kids younger than 12 do not get the same Pepto Bismol as adults. Pepto Kids was specially formulated just for your little ones’ acid-related tummy troubles. The dosage for Pepto Kids depends on your child’s weight. The number of doses you can give in a 24-hour period depends on your child’s age. Read the label carefully to ensure you’re giving your child the right dose and be sure to keep Pepto Kids out of children’s’ reach to make sure you can administer properly. If you have any questions, talk to your child’s pediatrician.

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