How Does Pepto Bismol Work as an Anti-Diarrhea Medicine?

Everyone knows that Pepto Bismol helps relieve diarrhea. It’s right there in our song! But, how does it work as an anti-diarrhea medicine? Before we dive into what’s inside our secret sauce, let’s talk about how diarrhea affects your body and how an anti-diarrhea medicine can help. 

Diarrhea and Your Body 

Diarrhea is characterized by loose, watery stools that occur three or more times in one day. It’s a pretty common condition that may be caused by bacteria in your gut. When you have diarrhea, your body expels a lot of fluids and can easily get dehydrated. While diarrhea typically goes away on its own, it can be pretty uncomfortable – and inconvenient. There’s no need to suffer or spend your day hovering around the bathroom. That’s why many people turn to an anti-diarrhea medicine. 

How Pepto Bismol Anti-Diarrhea Medicine Works 

From the makers of the #1 Pharmacist Recommended Upset Stomach Brand†, Pepto Diarrhea is the anti-diarrhea medicine you can trust. When faced with diarrhea, Pepto Diarrhea gets to the source of your discomfort. Pepto Diarrhea’s dual-action formula coats your stomach and kills some bacteria that can cause diarrhea for fast relief.

Other Anti-Diarrhea Options 

In addition to taking an anti-diarrhea medicine, there are other ways you can help relieve your symptoms. Since your body can get easily dehydrated when you have diarrhea, it’s important to drink a lot of water. Sticking to a diet of bland foods, like crackers, bananas, rice, toast and applesauce, may also help you feel better and give your body time to recuperate. It may not be the most exciting fare, but it could help reduce your need to run for the loo. For fast relief you can trust, turn to Pepto Diarrhea

If your diarrhea doesn’t go away in a day, it may indicate a more serious illness or condition. Please consult your doctor for an official diagnosis. 

†Based on Pharmacy Times 2018 Survey (Upset Stomach Remedies Category) 

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